MDG DIGITAL - Michael De Grave - motivation

The driving force behind MDG Digital LLC

It all started in 1991 with a Hotel Management course in Switzerland.
"LES ROCHES : One of the world's leading hospitality business schools - A way of living".
I then built a career in the hotel industry and later as a restaurant owner. That's how I learned to appreciate long hours, hard work and problem solving.

In 2001, I switched completely and made my passion my profession. With my focus on speed and quality, I continued to evolve in the wonders of the digital world.

Efficient and thorough customer service is extremely important to me. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us at MDG Digital LLC. Important core values here are quality and efficiency. Through open communication and honesty, I reach a quick and robust solution with my clients.

In recent years, MDG Digital LLC has expanded with numerous additional activities. I don't like to sit still and continuously keep looking for great opportunities. In doing so, I always keep a win-win solution in my sights!

Michael De Grave
MDG is a member of BNI The Next Level district Kempen - Antwerp

MDG DIGITAL OVERVIEW - MDG Digital LLC - online portfolio overview

Overview of services provided by MDG Digital LLC

MDG Digital LLC's activities are mainly located in 3 different sectors that are interrelated. Either through graphics, through web design or through the online aspect. I love the beautiful interplay and yet variety that this brings. I like to combine to achieve the best possible result for my clients.


Online DIGITAL services - core business

Graphic design | Web design | Web hosting | SEO

MDG Digital LLC - graphic design - web design - web hosting - aouto advertising - web shops - Microsoft 365
Online website and business related Services

MDG Digital LLC's core business is developing beautiful professional websites.

In addition, we also provide our clients with everything involved such as:

- Choosing a suitable domain name
- Providing secure web hosting
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- SEA (Search Engine Advertising)


MDG Digital LLC's customer portal allows you to manage your domain names, web hosting, office 365 or MS Exchange Online.

You can also manage your DNS records and e-mail accounts there.

No sense or time? We also manage this for you for free.

graphic services and web design for all sectors

MDG Creativity offers graphic design services for web, print, print and advertising applications. This for all sectors. So also for the sectors that are a little more spicy in nature.

We are strong in provocative advertising.


Don't have experience with WordPress, web hosting set-up, linking your domain name, technical settings, SSL, mail settings or plug-ins?

We do the complete set-up so you can start worry-free.

Online independent business owner

Network marketing | Passive Income| FBO Forever Living

IBO FOREVER LIVING - Forever products, cosmetics, nutrition and nutritional supplements buy at Forever aloe vera
FBO - Forever LIVING PRODUCTS - Forever Business Owner

Forever-aloe-vera-com is registered independent Forever Business Owner. What does this mean? (MDG Digital LLC) may sell products on an independent basis for Forever Living . We give you the same service but the handling is done by Forever Living itself. So if you place an order through or the FBO webshop, the delivery of the products will always be shipped from Forever Living Netherlands.

Would you like to become an FBO yourself? Click here or around the 2nd button.

shopping originals - Buy some original brands and products
Shopping Originals: EXTRA INCOME VIA AFFILIATE Shopping

There are many benefits to buying original products. Below we discuss some of the main benefits and how affiliate marketing can help.

Quality: Original products are usually of higher quality than counterfeit products. This means they last longer and are less likely to break down. As a result, you save money in the long run because you don't have to keep repurchasing.

Reliability: Original products are often more reliable than counterfeit products. They have been tested and approved by the manufacturer and meet strict safety and quality standards. This is important for products you use every day, such as electronics and home appliances.

Support: When you buy an original product, you usually get access to technical support from the manufacturer. This means you can get troubleshooting help and information on how to use the product.

Affiliate marketing can help find original products. In affiliate marketing, a company works with affiliates (individuals or companies) to promote products. Affiliates receive a commission for each sale they generate through their website or social media channels. This means they get a financial reward for helping to sell products.

How to generate passive income online. Online marketing strategies. network marketing and affiliate marketing
How can I generate passive income online?

Affiliate and network marketing is a popular alternative revenue source. All you have to do is get people excited and informed. Becoming an affiliate partner does not have to cost anything or very little, and there are also few risks involved.

Grow your income each month. Use the financial markets as a tool to invest wisely and/or let your assets earn interest while you sleep. So through trading, compounding or staking.

Online independent business owner

Online Trading Education| Passive Income| IBO Trading

Online trading school in Forex, Crypto and stocks. Managing your investment doesn't have to be difficult. Learn all the skills you need to safely start trading Forex, stocks or Crypto and protect your investment
Learn to trade online IN CRYPTO, FOREX AND STOCKS

If you subscribe through us, you will receive additional personal support and we will share useful facts, tips and tricks related to trading the financial markets safely and knowingly. You can also become part of a large community.

Accelerate your growth and achieve excellence with exclusive live training from a team of master teachers committed to your success.

Strategies: expand your learning and mentoring with simple, unique strategies that make it much easier to understand the markets.

Online Trading Courses with personal guidance. This can be done via zoom or with a personal appointment.

Online Crypto trading academy - FRX DCX FSX ECX DCX MMX SMX

Trading CRYPTO ONLINE, Mindset with IM Mastery Academy

Crypto and stock analysis or enrich other trading knowledge with the right know-how with emphasis on safety and risk management

From someone completely new to e-Commerce to someone who has had an online shop for years. We teach you how to take advantage of the e-commerce marketplace

Want to become a "successful influencer"? Then learn how to promote your "Brand" on social media.

How do I step out of my comfort zone to further my personal growth and success.

Learn online forex trading with IM Mmastery Academy's Courses

Online FOREX Trading courses with IM Mastery Academy

Enrich your knowledge about forex trading, foreign currency trading, as well as other trading information, with the right know-how, focusing on security and risk management.

Whether you are completely new to e-commerce or have had an online store for years, we will teach you how to take advantage of the e-commerce marketplace.

Do you dream of becoming a successful influencer? Find out how to promote your brand on social media.

Learn how to step out of your comfort zone to drive your personal growth and success at the Mindset School of Life.

IM Mastery Academy is in our opinion the best online trading school in Forex, Crypto currencies , timebased trading and stock trading
the best online trading academy with live education

Discover the best way to learn how to trade live. IM Academy puts the focus itself on 1 thing, which is to learn how to trade the financial markets. In particular, the Forex - Foreign Exchange market, Crypto - Crypto coins market and the shares (stock) market. This through Video trainings, live sessions, recorded sessions and help scanners.

The crown jewel and core of this platform that everyone has access to and where you really get to master trading they call "GoLive.

These top traders will teach you their strategies and all the ins and outs you need to watch out for when starting out in the Financial Market with your own money.


Start online trading with IM Mastery Academy

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The IM Academies do not facilitate or provide access to online platforms for investing or online trading in securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies) or other financial or investment products or services. International Markets Live Inc., its independent business owners and instructors do not provide personalized recommendations or advice on investment strategies, nor do they offer regulated financial services.
For U.K. residents: International Markets Live International Inc. does not engage in activities regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, including advising, making arrangements to enter into transactions on behalf of consumers, or issuing trading signals.
Payments on this site in digital currency may be processed by Assiduous Inc, on behalf of International Markets Live Inc. Assiduous Inc. is a subsidiary of International Markets Live Inc.

Business for home - IM Mastery Academy
Want to learn more about how you can generate more income on a self-employed basis with Forever Living products and IM Mastery Academy

Call or Whatsapp me at +32 475 32 30 26

Offline activities

Outdoor lounge concepts | EPS - Styrofoam custom designs

Outdoor lounge concept - Beach style Lounge sets, fire tables, removable canopies
Beach style Lounge sets in scaffolding wood - Outdoor Living customized

Custom made scaffolding wood or tropical hardwood lounge sets for private and hospitality. Custom fire tables in numerous sizes. Terrace paving and wall cladding with tropical hardwood. Enjoy your terrace as if you were on vacation!

Exclusive Eyecatchers creates exclusive 3D Decorations designs gadgets and logos in Styrofoam EPS
Exclusive Eyecatchers in EPS - PIEPSCHUIM

Unique, custom and handmade designs in EPS (Styrofoam). Ranging from logos, displays and different shapes to designer furniture. Watch our video on the website. In collaboration with Group Andy Nollekens

Davy Vennekens
Davy Vennekens
Reliable partner who is always on the ball.
Laurie Braeckmans
Laurie Braeckmans
Very satisfied from working with Michael. Very good knowledge of building websites with Divi and SEO. Always had very good and smooth communication. Thank you!!!
Un professionnel hors pair qui offre un service de qualité tant par l écoute, la ponctualité , et surtout du pragmatisme. Je recommande sans aucune once d hésitation.
Wim Volders
Wim Volders
Second website we had Michael design and implement. Always in consultation and reviewed everything in the process step by step together so that it is completely to my liking. I am pretty much computer illiterate myself, but always get enough explanation so that I can manage the site myself (for a part). This makes it possible to quickly make adjustments at the moment you want and find it necessary. Is normally available 24/7, and if, exceptionally, this is not possible, you always get a quick response. Possible questions or problems are then, as far as possible, also immediately addressed and adjustments are made. If I get stuck with an adaptation of the site, this is always solved with a smile and the necessary patience (by phone). In this way they are very responsive. I can only speak positively about the way they work, highly recommended.
nadie verhaert
nadie verhaert
Super satisfied, immediately on the same wavelength.... Nice result , so happy woman....
Cour Jardin
Cour Jardin
Very satisfied with the beautiful website. Service is TOP. Highly recommended!
Redgy Boens
Redgy Boens
Michael always thinks along creatively and also solution-oriented. Super fast response time! Has patience with technological laymen, also very nice.
Jens Gabriels
Jens Gabriels
Have been doing business with MDG for a long time, always friendly correct service, highly recommended!!!
Giovanni Massaro
Giovanni Massaro
Very professional service. Lightning fast Hosting and Co-location services. Quick and outstanding support. Thanks for the many fantastic services and support since so many years and years to come !
Andrea Otte
Andrea Otte
Always available, super friendly and knows how to help with any problem. Top service

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